Passionate About Helping Others

I was born and raised in Kaneohe, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. After High School, I set off to attend Bradley University in Central Illinois, a culture shock for sure!  Graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering, I landed a technology job in the Chicago suburbs, and have lived there ever since.

Jay Yamagata

My career in Information Technology started in  in 1997. I have worn many "hats" as an IT Porfessional, from a technician, system administrator, systems engineer, project manager and IT Manager.  I have supported PCs, Macs, Windows Servers, mobile devices, on-premises and cloud-based email and collaboration services, virtual infrastructure and many other technologies - all to help make people productive and enabled in their job.  I have managed and coached regional and international teams spanning the US, EMEA and APAC regions.

Almost five years ago, when dealing with one of life's hurdles, I found a need to re-prioritize and find out who I am, and what I wanted. I searched for and found a yoga practice near where me.  The practice transformed me and taught me the value of my spiritual, energetic and physical bodies, and I still continue on that journey to this day.  Over time, it has allowed me to forgive, accept, appreciate, and love unconditionally.  It has also given birth to an interest in divination, envisagement, crystal healing, energy work and the Law of Attraction. I am a certified  Reiki Master practitioner, a Dahn (energy) master and more recently, a Tarot/Oracle card and pendulum divination student and has taken up an interest in life coaching.  I continuously employ spiritual and healing modalities that will not only benefit myself, but everyone around me.

With my experience in technology and spirituality, I now offer my skills in technology consultation, energy healing and card divination.  My services are available to schedule on this web site by submitting a message using the contact form below.

  • 23+ Years in Information Technology

  • Project Management

  • Team Building and Coaching

  • Reiki Master Certified Practitioner and Teacher

  • Yoga and Meditation Practitioner

  • Intuitive Tarot/Oracle Card Practitioner

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