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Updated: Jun 25, 2018

Update below...

Ever since I was little, I have loved spicy foods. One of my favorites (with rice) is kimchi! I noticed when I became plant-based, that store-bought kimchi all had fish or seafood ingredients which was a bummer! I tried a vegan kimchi brand I discovered at Whole Foods, and it was okay, not the kimchi I remember and love.

I will digress here a little - I love and enjoy visiting my parents in Arizona. My step mom Claire is a great cook, and prepares many different recipes, trying new cooking techniques and kitchen tech. I got my kombucha scoby baby from her! When I last visited, I let them know that I was now plant-based/vegan - and to my surprise, for the week I was there, they adjusted the menu and their diet as well! Why am I digressing? Well, Claire made home made Kimchi that was vegan, and it was delicious! And, she gave me the recipe!

Once I was back home, I purchased all the ingredients, and set out to make kimchi!

Ingredients all prepped to ferment the nappa cabbage kimchi

Once the cabbage was prepared and the mixture added, the kimchi was left to ferment for a few days. That was a long wait for me. On the fifth day, I opened the jar and that wonderful pungent smell of kimchi wafted throughout the kitchen. I taste tested some, and it was awesome!

Kimchi is ready!

There was a total of about 3 quarts worth of kimchi, and I still have some today. My next attempt will be with cucumbers or daikon (Japanese radishes).

Update 6/25/18

Cucumber Kimchi! I followed the same recipe for cucumbers, and I think I will deviate from it next time. It's not bad, but it turned out more like pickles with Kimchi spices. I would prefer "fresher" cucumbers, so I may forego the longer fermentation process. Will just have to experiment again!

Cucumber kimchi

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