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Kombucha Brewing

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

Update 6/5/18: I started my third batch of kombucha yesterday. I have 2 baby scobys plus the mama scoby. I think I need some more bottles!

I've been eating plant-based for the last 9 months, and was introduced to kombucha around the same time. I has visited my parents in Arizona, and to my delight, my step-mom Claire had brewed her own kombucha before, and graciously gifted a baby scoby so I could brew my own!

The photo is of my first brew - it was pretty good, not as sweet or fizzy as the commercial brands. For the second batch, I was brave and added blueberries for flavor, and let it brew for a little longer. The result was a little more flavorful and fizzy kombucha. I am about ready to start on my third batch, and I am brainstorming what I want to do. I love the blueberry flavor, and my scobies are already infused, so I may stay with that. I also noticed that I may have baby scobies on the way, so I may be able to brew multiple batches at a time!

I find brewing my own kombucha is fun, and a whole lot more inexpensive then paying for the commercial bottles. For the cost of 1 gallon of distilled water, some organic cane sugar, and a handful of tea bags, I can get over a week's worth of kombucha for myself! Well, a week's worth if I have some semblance of self control and not drinking it all at one sitting!

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