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Rolling Sushi

Natto roll with cucumber and green onions
Natto roll with cucumber and green onions

I post about food a lot it seems - but food does connect us together. We eat together to celebrate, rejoice, commune and bond. What better way to do this then while preparing our food as well.

My grandmother used to make the best futo maki rolls when I was growing up. I remember when she would make many rolls so I could take them on the plane trip back to college! As I got older, I rediscovered how much fun it was to make many different rolls and also experiment with hand rolls and other type of sushi.

Sushi rolls
My most "fancy" rolls and sushi, with seaweed salad.

In the last few years, my friend Ria and I would do sushi nights - a trip to the local Japanese market in Arlington Heights (Mitsuwa) for the supplies, then back home to cook the right and prepare the ingredients. Sometimes we wouldn't be ready to eat until after 9 at night! But with all the snacking (Arare, mochi etc) we were't starving.

A little has changed since we started this tradition 3 years ago - the only major thing that has change for me is that I now eat plant-based/vegan so my sushi rolls reflect that.

Sushi Making
The rolling area, mats and ingredients

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